Call of Duty Mobile Mod Apk (v1.0.13) [No Reload, Infinite Ammo]

call of duty Mod apk is no strange for mobile gaming, but the call of duty mobile is different. It represents a massive effort from the activation of the overcrowded mobile market. While many players are striving to become the best COD mobile player, in multiplayer by using the different maps and unique and highly anticipated call of modern duty warfare in mobile, this head to the head game is very intense with the impressive high-quality graphics.

Call of Duty Mobile Mod Apk (v1.0.13) [No Reload, Infinite Ammo]

It might be tough for the new player to play the highly tough and advanced game in multiplayer. By using call of duty Mod apk, you can be the pro gaming champ.  While discussing the call of duty mod apk, many questions pop in mind for example

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What is mod apk?

How does it work?

And where can I get this software?

In this article, we will discuss the call of duty mod apk in detail and also answer all the necessary questions along with all the download and working of the software and the way it enhances the feature of the games and also helps the player to become a pro gaming champ.

The call of duty mod apk, or you can say the modded version of the same call of mobile duty game, is to allow you to experience the better graphic and feature of the game like Aimbot, Quick healing, and user-friendly interface and many more things. Now the first thing is what is call of duty mod apk?

Merely saying the call of duty of duty mod apk is software that identifies a simple bug in your app. By overwriting that specific bug, the call of duty mod apk modified the app and taking advantage of the virus to allow you to experience the notable feature of the game and also provide you with the endless supply and access to the new and advance weapons of the game.

The call of duty Mod apk is similar to the original app. The expert hackers identify and modded the version in order to make the game easy for the beggars with the help of a call of duty mod apk. The sky is limit for the new players. You can enhance the shooting limits, landing, and healing related issues.

Call of Duty Mobile Mod Apk (v1.0.13) [No Reload, Infinite Ammo]

The call of duty mobile apk mod also enhanced your overall experience and made you one of the outstanding and unreachable players of the game. Before downloading the call of duty mobile, you should have to learn about some of the key features of the game.

Download Call of duty mod apk

You can download the call of duty mod apk, but before downloading the app, you guys need to keep in mind that you have to uninstall the original call of duty app. Otherwise, the new request of duty modded app will not work properly.  There is also some of the related game information in the table below, along with the system requirement.

NameCall of duty Mobile
Size of the file80 MB+13GB OBB File
CategoryGame (Action)
SystemAndroid IOS and Windows

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A key feature of the call of duty mod apk

There are several impressive features of call of duty that enable you to experience the best graphics along with the combat, which help your combat style and also take your experience of action to the next level. The key feature of the game is as under

Character unlock

Call of Duty Mobile Mod Apk (v1.0.13) [No Reload, Infinite Ammo]

The call of duty mobile has several charters, and in the call of duty mod apk, every character is unlocked. You can use the optimized farm of that charter by enhancing the character capacity and capability. While on the other hand, in the standard call of duty mobile, you have to pass several stages to unlock the characters.  And this process is time-consuming and stress full because in the multiplayer game, the chance of a win for a new player with the basic and minimum knowledge of weapons and combat is minimal, and it also takes a lot of effort into the player to master the skills. In the call of duty mobile by using the call of duty mod apk, you can unlock all the characters all at one time, which helps you to develop a new and better team. Creating a better team became easier in the call of duty mod apk.


Auto-aim bot helps you take precise calls over the opponent and also enhance your chance of a kill. By pointing in the direction of the opponent and will lock the aim, and by putting the pressure on the fire button will take care of the objective. By using the call of duty mobile in the call of duty mod apk, you can kill the opponent in the single-shot, you don’t need to take the new request for killing the opponent.

By trying this mod you need to stay be specific with your opponent target. It will help you to kill better and also unlock the better qualities of your character. Aimbot is a bit difficult to learn in the beginning, but you will love t when you mastered it.

No Root Require

Many platforms asked you to root your Smartphone to download the call of duty mod apk application. Still, this mod application doesn’t require any root confirmation for downloading the application. You can download the application of call of duty mod apk directly o your Smartphone without rooting your device.

No Reload

Reload is one of the common problems of survival action games, and a slight delay in getting rid of an opponent is giving a chance. To avoid this problem, we added an auto-reload feature in the call of duty mod apk, which will save you time. This also gives you an advantage with a melee weapon and such other types of combat weapons such as short-range and other long-range weapons as well. You can take care of the opponent with this method. This no recoil feature means no manual task and a better focus on the opponent.

Unlimited COD Points

COD points are required in upgrades. They are playing an essential role in the progression, and they are also helping with weapons. You can unlock better stuff, with the call of duty mod apk version is offering

Unlimited COD points. Getting a genuine amount of resources to become easier by this method, and you can get better progress in the game. The same points are required for level-ups, and it became easy to obtain a good amount with this method.

The necessary permissions to be considered

  1. The call of duty mod apk requires Android operating device
    2. Run the application information for Call of Duty.
    3. Direct to settings and enable Phone & Storage.
    4. Go to advanced and activate the permissions for apps.

If you got redistricted for another reason after doing all the permission work, there are the following steps that you need to take.
1. Uninstall the application and the call of duty mobile application from your device
2. Remove all things from the internal storage of your device only Android Folder, License and private files will remain the same.

3. Change IP and disconnect the WAN, and also, if you are using the cellular network, reboot your device after switching off the data connection or simply putting it on flight mode.
4. Restart your android device

5. Now reinstall the call of duty mobile application and make a new account or login directly as a guest.

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