Granny Mod Apk V1.7.3 (Not Attack+God Mode) For Android

It is a very tough game for players to play, Granny mod apk best suits thrill-seekers and enthusiastic players. It is a horror game, you have to survive in a mysterious home in presence of old mental women. Granny horror game online free is available for both android and IOS users.

Granny Mod Apk V1.7.3 Detail

Granny Mod Apk V1.7.3 (Not Attack+God Mode) For Android

App NameGranny Mod Apk

RequirementsAndroid 4.0
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It is a horror/arcade genre game, “DVlopr” offer this game officially. But Granny Hack is offered by the other hackers or programmers especially third-party developers, it is not an official version. Hack version us also called as Mod God Mode. Hack version makes the game easy for players to complete challenges, you will not be detected even if you are in the visual range of granny.

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Players have to survive in the granny house for five days, find ways to escape from the granny house. There are five floors in the house including the garage and back yard. You can escape by repairing the car in the garage or remove hurdles form the front door. Collect items that can help you to escape from the house like hammer, crossbow, and shotgun to defend players from granny.

Granny Mod Apk V1.7.3 (Not Attack+God Mode) For Android

To repair the car in the garage you can use wrench, battery, petrol and oil pump. Hide player under beds and use radio or FM voices to distract the attention of granny. Try to escape from the house otherwise if you are detected in granny’s visible range, old women are faster than players and swings bat on the head of the player. This game is full of thrill and adventure for players.

Game Tips

Find keys before leaving the room, find necessary items like hemmer, wrench, and crossbow to remove hurdles. Collect shotgun to avoid granny, also collect items to repair the car in the garage, it can help the player to escape from home. Fine places to hide if you are detected or visible to old women. Explore the house to find places to hid and find mysteries in the house.


Quality Graphics   

Horror graphics are very important in the game, 3D graphics make this game thrilling for players and make them feel players realistic. HD graphics are very attractive for thrill-seeker players. Peoples with small hurt avoid playing this game, also avoid playing late at night.

Safe app

It is a very safe game and doesn’t steal private data from users. You can enjoy gaming in a secure environment.


You don’t need to update the game manually, it updates its self. You can get all updates in time, which can help to experience better gaming.

Root Android Device

There is no need to root android devices.

Background Sound

Background sound changes according to the gameplay. Mixtures or background sound and graphics make it more enthusiastic for the player. Background horror sound makes it more thrilling for players. It is fun to play this game.

Permissions Required

Granny mod apk required following permission when you install it on your device.

  • Access to Photos, media, and files.
  • Accesses storage of the android device.
  • Accesses network connection

And also prevent the android device from sleep mode.


What are the requirements for granny mod apk?

  • 18+ age
  • Above 4.1 android version
  • 2 GB memory

What is the file size of the granny mod apk?
The file size is not very large so that device storage is not affected by this game. The file size is only 99 MB, which is compatible with all new Android devices.

Why IOS users cannot install Granny Hack?

It is only available for android users, for IOS users there is no release for the hack version. IOS users have to wait for it.

What are the drawbacks of granny horror game online?

  • It is a scary and horror game so that peoples with a small heart can be affected by this game.
  • There are pop-up ads in this game, which may irritate you.
  • Prevent children to play this game.

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