Spotify Premium Mod Apk Version (Full/Final) Latest Android

Spotify Premium Mod apk is a well known and the most liked music application around the world, with over 286 million regular freemium and premium users listening to music, songs, and podcasts anywhere and anytime. Spotify premium mod apk is all in one application that provides constant streaming services for free.

Spotify Premium Mod Apk Version (Full/Finall) Latest Android

App NameSpotify
CategoryMusic & Audio
Version8.5.58.954 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesPremium Unlocked
RequiresAndroid 4.1

Download Spotify Premium Mod Apk

There is a premium version of Spotify apk you have to pay for the entire features and add free service, but here we solve this issue for you. The service provides over 50 million soundtracks, music albums, and for almost every activity. The complete range of music albums of your favorite artist from classic to modern is available on the Spotify Apk platform for free all you need the Spotify Premium Mod apk app and a compatible Android device.

You can say that Spotify Premium apk is the king in providing free and high-quality copyright music. The Spotify premium mod apk is continuously updating the music albums so you can effortlessly search your desired songs and soundtracks with ease.

How Spotify Premium apk works?

You need to type the songs/artist or album name in the search box like other music platforms. Click/tap on the show results and the app will show all the search results in detail. As compared to its competitors, Apple Music and Pandora, the Spotify premium has a wide range of music tracks on this platform, which is a considerable competitor advantage for the application. All categories of music are available, for example, classic, pop, Rock, Hard rock, Jazz, EDM, K-Pop, reggae, and many more.

Spotify apk features

The following are some of the critical features of Spotify that make this application different and famous worldwide compared to other well-known music apps.

Spotify Premium Mod Apk Version (Full/Finall) Latest Android

  • Discovers music: you can find your favorite tracks and songs and listen to the different podcasts on this application. Meanwhile, based on your choice and listening history, this application also suggests some of the best tracks that you will love to listen to. You can easily compose these songs into your playlist. There are different categories of playlists in the Spotify premium apk depending upon your mood; you are free to explore these fantastic collections of songs in these playlists. Additionally, whenever your favorite artist releases a new song or album, the Spotify premium will send an alert notification. You can easily access the new and fresh song/collection of your favorite artist.
  • Search Music: The powerful search mechanism of Spotify premium apk will help you to find your favorite song. This powerful search mechanism will search the database of over fifty million songs and music track to provide you the desired music files.
  • Mood or activity base Music: Spotify premium apk smart music search option will help you to find the right music according to your mood.

Spotify Premium features

As I mentioned above, there are two versions of Spotify.

  • Spotify premium
  • Spotify Freemium

Clear by these two categories; you can understand the difference. You did not enjoy all the fantastic features of this application in the freemium pack, but it is free of cost. On the other hand, in the Spotify premium, you will access some of the fantastic features of this application, which is completely ad-free. Now we will discuss the Spotify Premium features and see what it has to offer.

  • Download Music: you can download your favorite music in the Spotify premium apk. Only the premium users are allowed to do this.
  • Ad-free Experience: In Spotify premium apk, blocked the audio and video advertisements. You can easily enjoy your music without any interruption.
  • Play Any Track: with the Spotify premium, you can play any soundtrack/ song and also listen to any part as per your desire.
  • Unlimited Skip: Do not like the song. Just tap on the skip button. It will play the next song for you.
  • High-Quality Music: All the music/ soundtrack and songs are copyright. Spotify premium unlocks 320kps extreme quality music and podcast playback option.

Advantages and disadvantages or fair comparison between Spotify Modes

Spotify Freemium

Spotify Premium

  • Compatible for all devices and access only limited features You can access all the features and listen to a diverse range of music
  • Only provide a limited number of suggestions.
  • Ability to automatically suggest the music of your choice
  • Free of cost/open plan
  • The Premium subscription cost is quite high.
  • Only available in limited countries
  • Only available in limited countries

How to download Spotify premium Mod Apk?

The Spotify Mod apk is the modified version of the original app available with the premium access features. You can download the Spotify premium Mod apk by clicking the DOWNLOAD button above. By using the latest methods, we adjust a different section of the application to enjoy the premium features with the help of Spotify premium Mod Apk. The Spotify premium version you can exclusively get on these web platforms with all the features enabled.


Why do we need to get this version while the original app is free?


The app is free, but you only get the primary access to the free original application. While on the modded app, you are allowed to experience the form to its full capacity. All the premium features are enabled that we discussed above in the Spotify premium Mod Apk.

Some of the Spotify Premium mod features are listed below.

  1. Unlock Spotify connect
  2. Listen to 320kps extreme music which is not available on the free version
  3. Repeat mode is enable
  4. Search is enable
  5. Block advertisement
  6. Unlimited shuffle

How to install and Use Spotify Premium Mod apk?


Follow the simple steps.

  1. Uninstall the original app
  2. Download the Spotify Premium mod apk
  3. Install the application
  4. Log in with the new account.
  5. You are good to go.

Note: if you use this application previously and have an account. Do not log in with the old account. Make a new otherwise, the Mod application will not work correctly.

How to update the Spotify Premium Mod Apk version?


the final version of Spotify Premium Mod apk. We will not publish any new updates, and these applications will smoothly work. You do not need to update this application at all.

How to log in with Facebook Account?


Follow the steps

  1. uninstall/Disable your Facebook app
  2. log in with your Facebook account
  3. Now you can reinstall/enable your Facebook app.

Tip: log in with your Spotify account for the smooth and premium experience and to avoid errors.

Is this application work on IOS?


This application only works on the android platform. You can install this application on Pc via an emulator.

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